Flintlock n Foils

Map Mayhem

Where there's a map their's coordinates?

The Bon Mirada headed into port at Port Royale in Jamaica. The Captain set about careening the ship and setting his crew free for a few weeks.

In the meantime he sent off Cortez and Mercedes to recruit a Navigator. Using connections, the crew made contact with someone known as “The Cossack,” Nikoli at the Three legged Dog tavern. This man knew of a navigator. In fact that navigator was planning on meeting him that very day.

Meeting the navigator and not believing his luck, Cortez brought them back to the captain who gladly hired the pair.

During the next couple of days the crew was shopping around when they ended up in the Golden Roost. A high end establishment that was the busiest tavern, gambling den in Port Royale. Mercedes noticed an old man sitting looking at a map. She walked over with a fine bottle of rum and started drinking with the man. Soon he was passed out and off went Mercedes with the map.

She ran into Cortez as he was finishing up a card game. The losers asked if they could “buy” his friend Mercedes. She did not like this idea one bit. After a brief confrontation the nere do wells left. Cortez left as well thinking people were behind him. Meanwhile Mercedes was trying to get the rest of the group to leave with her.

When she finally got them to leave they found Cortez surrounded by those whom he won money off of. When they arrived another group appeared lead by the old man she had drunk under the table. He was none other than Pirate Bloodbeard. He was demanding the map from Mercedes.

As things started to look bad some of the crew from the Bon Mirada showed up. After a struggle the new Navigator, a spunky French woman, tricked the captain into thinking she was burning his map. In a mad dive the captain suffered sever injuries and called his men off. They skulked back into the night while the Bon Mirada crew gathered their dead.


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