Flintlock n Foils

The Dangers of Wine and Women

Our first adventure finds the lads smuggling various affairs into a small English town. Captain De La Torre had entrusted his new crew with smaller parcels to smuggle in.

The team, lead by the Ships Master of Guns, Cortez, set out in a long boat. They beached the boat in a quay near the town.

When they were entering town they were spotted by the town guard. All hid well save Cortez. Who, being a Spaniard, lied his way out of the delima by offering up the parcel he was carrying as “lost and found.” Gerard, being a Frenchman, stealthfully cut the guards purse and retrieved the illicit tobbacco.

This set their decision to drop off the tobbaco first. The customer had no cash with which to pay them but gambled a pass to help get them by the town guard.

They then went to the in and dropped off the letter for a man who was being watched. They women (Kaysa and Mercedes) distracted the men with their feminine ways. The sly Franchman then slipped the man the letter without being seen.

They next dropped off the ilicit drink and found where their next target was from the very grateful pastor who liked to nip at the juice.

Their last target was a noble woman and her dresses. They sat for a while and she refused payment. They finally got some of th epayment and to spite her Kayls stole some silverware.

As they left the group noticed a runner leaving from behind the estate. The Frenchman Gerard and Cortez the Spaniard ran after him while the women carried the loot to the boat.

Luckily the two men tackled and subdued the runner. They left him in a rain barrel.

Getting back to the captain with their lot they explained away the minor differences in their ammounts and sailed away.


A few says later the crew came upon a man shackled to a long boat. They pulled him aboard and discovered a chest attached to him. The ever superstitious Mercedes pleaded to throw him back overboard but was overruled by Cortez and Gerard. The man expired on their deck and the captain ordered them to keep the chest but dispose of the body.

In The chest was a treasure map. They used this map to an island off of St. Kitts. Before they arrived they found a ship. Again Mercedes called to just pass but was over-ruled by the Curious Cortez and the Greedy Gerard.

As they searched for valuables, the crew at different times saw a ghost of a girl. This of course drove Mercedes to the brink but she held together for the team. They did not find much of value save in the captains quearters. The captain sat there dead stooped over a few coins. As Gerard reached for them, again Mercedes warned not to touch them. The captains eye’s snapped open and he let loose a fiendish cry.

The four inntrepid heroes fought bravely. They realized that the opponent they faced was already dead. A ghost in a corpse… a demon in a skin jacket… but they fought. For their lives depended on it. Through many longsword cuts and broken chairs they dispatched the beast. It was then that the crew of the Bon Mirada started to notice the ship seemed to be aging as well as themselves. Old Pete got incredibly old and it was worreid he would die. Mercedes claimed it was the curse of the ghost.

They found a small island and a vilage full of the dead. In the village they found a church. Kayla, being blonde and thus more in tune to spirits, suggested this was a holy place. The decay was not as strong here. Gerard purloined the pedestal of its crucefix. While Kayla siphoned the cistern of sustenance, holy water.

They followed the map to a cave. In the cave they saw a hung woman that resembled the ghost they saw. Surrounding her were the skeletons of 6 pirates and a chest brimming with gold. They were about to cut her down when the skeletons came to life and attacked the pillagers.

The melee was furious yet brief. The pirates dispatched the crew buried the girl in a right proper burial. Upon doing that the curse on the Bon Mirada and her crew was lifted.


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