Cortez Baldomero


Father Bartolome Baldomero

Twin Brother
Cosme Baldomero

Older Brothers
Diego Baldomero
Domingo Baldomero

Mother Deceased after giving birth to the second twin, Cosme.

Master of the Gun for the “Bon Mirada”


Cortez previously worked with his brothers and fathers as traders, primarily being in charge of “security” as well as negotiations when there was a pricing dispute.

He is extremely family oriented, but he himself does not envision having a family of his own. Ever.

His father has began courting a widow, Elezabet Aelmans. Elezabet, has a daughter of her own, Fenna. Fenna herself is betrothed(unwillingly) to the wealthy Merchant Adriaan Janszoon.

Upon Meeting Cortez, Fenna attempted to seduce him, hoping he would fall madly in love with her and challenge Adriaan to a duel, knowing Adriann being an intellectual not a fighter, would surely lose.

When this failed, she accused Cortez of “violating her”, this set the town guard upon him. When he tried to flee his father and brothers, believing him innocent tried to flee with him, he however stopped them, not wanting them to have to rearrange their whole lives.

And thus signed up for the first ship he could find, the Bon Mirada.

He keeps in contact with his family, using the alias “Cristobal Osobrino” and should they ever call on him he would (with in reason) leave what he is doing to help them.

Cortez Baldomero

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